Career in Electronics
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Career in Electronics

With the boom in technology the world's interest towards electronics is also growing rapidly, so does the career in electronics. However, not every one of us knows all about the career options or benefits in this domain.

The electronic engineering degree often appears to lead into some obvious directions, for example, to the electronics industry; however, the options are much vaster than a traditional electronic engineering career.

Given below is a list of career options within the engineering field and outside of it too that can be of interest to an electronics degree holder. It can open up the doors of opportunities to stand out prominently from within a herd.


Automotive industry

Electronics is a very important part of the automotive industry, right from engine control units, dashboard indicators, air-conditioning, safety systems, braking systems to infotainment systems etc. Electronics engineering is required in all these areas and that is the reason automotive industry is an opportunity creator for electronic engineers.


Design industry

An Electronics degree holder also gets to work in the design industry as a design engineer where they need to design the products or component prior to launch; or applications in engineering to support the product for its entire life.


Defense industry

If you are ready to magnify your knowledge of different engineering disciplines, the defense field can be the right choice for you. The defense engineers mainly work on system levels and they are supposed to operate cross discipline, one example of that includes use of a combination of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering information.


Fast moving consumer goods industry

The electronic engineers are also getting huge opportunities in the Fast moving consumer goods industry. In this sector, they get the prospect of developing a broad engineering skill set rather than focusing only on electronic engineering subjects. In this field the engineer has to select endowments of other arena as well before getting trained for their career.


Rail industry

Electronic engineers deal with signaling and progressive railway control systems, as well as telecoms in the railways engineering department.


Power generation industry

It is a good option for an electronic engineer to work in the power generation industry as they get an opportunity to get involved in upholding control and instrumentation plant.


Utilities industry

Electronic engineers can also look into the telecoms or energy sector, for example, designing and organizing complex control systems that is required to run the National Grid or to control a nuclear power station.

Some other industries that offer a good career for electronic degree holders are the Marine, Oil and gas industry, Pharmaceuticals industry and Aerospace industry etc.

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