Automate your Career thru Industrial Automation Training
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Automate your Career thru Industrial Automation Training

Industrial automation is the way to move forward in 21st century. Industrial automation as the name suggests is the use of automating instruments such as robots and computers for managing different machines and handling process. Automation was introduced in the industry with a view to increase the productivity as machines can work all round the clock. Now as the time has passed the perception of the industry has changed. Now the automation is being used to increase the flexibility and quality in the process of manufacturing. According to the survey, previously the installation of pistons was done by humans and had an error rate of 1-1.5% but with the use of automated machine the error rate has reduced to 0.00001%.


Industrial automation is majorly divided into two segments namely- programmable logic controller (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).


PLC: is computer controlled which tracks the state of input devices and controls the state of output device depending on some programming instructions.


DCS: The number of controllers based on different level are connected by communication networks which can be monitored and controlled.


Automation plays a major role in deciding the growth of company and has many advantages:


Less Production time: Having an automated machine on your side definitely speeds up the production.


Reduction in Error: Every human is bound to commit errors but with the introduction of machine the error rate has gone down drastically thereby, increasing the efficiency.


Less Employee: As the majority of work is handled by the automated machines, less man power is required.


Safe: As all the work is handled by automated machine and the human intervention is less it becomes safer.


High Production: An automated equipment can work for 24 hours and hence greater productivity is expected with more efficiency.


With so many advantages industry automation has to offer, it will play a major role in the future. As of now it has become a differentiating factor in terms of growth and will continue to do so. There will always be a demand of trained professionals in automated training. These field has lot of opportunities and a training course from reputed institute can open the gates of many multi-national companies working in this field. To make a strong impact in this field you should stay hungry and keep yourself updated with the changing trend in the industry. A skillful and knowledgeable person can’t be restricted and same holds true for industrial automation.

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