Livewire First Exclusive Annual Meet for 2016
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Livewire's First Exclusive Annual Meet

Livewire is one of the leading brands in technical training and certification in the field of engineering. Being one of the pioneer parts of the CADD Centre for Technical Training and Development, Livewire has joined hands with some of the renowned educational institutions of the country to offer technical excellence. Moving forward on this path towards success, to share past experiences and to socialize and to relive the Liviwire's journey, an annual meet was organized recently at Allapuzha, Kerala.

This was a perfect gathering of the franchise partners who have worked hard all throughout the journey of Livewire to bring it to this height of success. Franchise partners across India gathered in this delightful meeting with constructive plans to empower the country's engineers.

The two- day meet was commenced with a Motor Boat Cruise exploring the beauty of the backwaters of Allapuzha followed by a warm welcome speech by Mr. Vijesh, Livewire Business Head.Mr. S.K Selvan, M D of Livewire and CADD Centre, then delegated the gathering stating about future objectives and directions of Livewire.Also, V P of CADD, Mr. Ranjith addressed the audience throwing light on the technical landscape of Livewireand how this initiative can open opportunities and growth paths for both students as well as organizations.Way forward, Mr. Krishna Navuluri, an external speaker to the gathering, shared his thoughts about the evergreen field of electronics.

The conference also held an Award Night to recognize and honor all the people whose efforts and hardwork helped Livewire reach this point of success.A networking dinner followed by the celebration of success.A photo session was conducted to capture memories of this annual meet. The meeting concluded with a lunch and a closing speech by Mr. Ramanan expressing his thoughts about how India is turning into an IT Heaven.

This annual meet gave an opportunity for the franchise partners across the country to meet and interact, and to share and discuss their experiences on a single platform as a collective initiative to make Livewire grab achievements.

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